In earlier chapters, I reviewed some of the ways that special relativity has been judged to have a significance that extends beyond its immediate physical content. This chapter (and new chapters still in the planning stage) take up the same exercise for general relativity. As before, our goal is to look beyond its physical content to discern how the coming of general relativity affected our conceptions of things in the broader context. In the present chapter, I will pursue those aspects that are connected with geometry. Since the other chapters planned are still unwritten, the chapter will conclude with a synopsis of further morals planned for those chapters. As before, the goal is to bring some philosophical rigor to the assessment of the various morals claimed. So the reader is urged to review the early sections of Skeptical Morals since they sketch the method to be used. I will also include a statement of my view. Those statements are not to be taken as text-book truths. They are merely illustrations of how one philosopher of science--me--has thought through the issues. Source.

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