Since Photoshop can do the advertisement design, the AI and CorelDRAW of this kind of vector software what the meaning of existence? – GgAsk

who can guarantee full map graphic design finished by vector, feeling is not realistic, because the vector software do too bad, typesetting alignment is actually pretty fast. If you want to do a big map, vector map software to do, as long as the ratio of length to width of the canvas and you have to do the same map on the line, after scaling. For example, you want to do the 100m*100m diagram, the canvas size can be 10cm*10cm, as small as possible, as long as the proportion is more than a line, because after the amplification can be without distortion, but if you use PS to do, you have to build 100m*100m the beginning of the canvas, because after not amplified, of course, sometimes so large canvas will build on the failure, more do not talk about operation, because it is too large, too much memory. I hope Chen Zhangyu can put the issue of income [sincerely hope know almost launched against problem function] favorites, thank. PS and AI (CDR) is one of the, who are not a substitute for who. (because AI and CDR have similar functions, so the following unification with the AI instead of the answer (including CDR). PS is a bitmap processing software, not wrong, but also can handle bitmap, for some special effects poster design to deal with some photos, you must use PS. AI is a vector software, such as logo design, packaging, printing and typesetting, you need to use AI. Of course, PS can also, but the function of AI will make you more convenient to handle the job. Because the positioning of the two are different, or ADOBE also no need to make two different software. In addition, using vector software do map for the future widening application of magnifying, does not occur in the future quality loss, convenient extension and application, this is the advantage of vector. Specific expression, also very toss. Proposed landlord to use, to professional forums have a look, can realize the difference between the two. I can guarantee to do design posters for AI ah, your level difference feel that people like you bad. CD and AI is a vector of text tool, particularly large number of small text, such as instructions must use vector tools to do, do it will flash a bitmap or serrate. In graphic design, usually with vector software layout, because has good advantage in bleeding, size changes, the relative position of the moving object accurately and so on, especially in the design of packing box, album, logo. So we usually use their brains to do design, using PS to do special effects, to layout using CDR or ai. Of course, PS can independently accomplish the graphic design screen production, usually is that some words less, to screen for the dissemination of the main content. Can be performed directly in PS. Finally, to make a long story short, questions shouldn't completely understand the two software on down to ask such a question was not, you use several vector software will not mention this problem, suggestion of the problem of modified into 'why most graphic design with CDR or AI typesetting corpse, but not directly in the PS inside a one-time completion' this has nothing to do with 'meaning'. The Ai can make amazing effects, some full vector super realistic icon and illustrator really make people scared off chin. This is a good question, for graphic design or advertising design for beginners, always tangled in the end first learn what software, in fact, vector software also can draw very beautiful things to see whether you heart, also in the cdr12 after the software in a bitmap to vector function. PS software is widely used in advertisement design, is mainly synthetic image retouching also perhaps some big picture good to open and edit, if CDR the big picture editing will be difficult, but for text layout there is more advantage than PS. CDR most but generally in the advertising field, heard of North South customary habit of CDR AI in fact, I do not agree, because the CDR is very easy to use, AI can draw a vector diagram of the effect is very good. AD series products and so on have PS based very good. Source.

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