MapInfo has the ability to combine and display, on a single map, data from a variety of sources that are in different formats and projections. The software is capable of overlaying raster and vector layers on the same map, the former can be made semi-transparent, so that they can serve as more than mere backdrops. The following issues have been tested and reported to the application vendors as bugs, on behalf of users, by SLIP Support. Description: Ongoing issues with MapInfo and wfs services (e.g. CsCadastre, CsTenure) – very flaky or not working at all. Explaination: this issue is not consistent. Might be particular to software version and OS. Workaround is to use another application or GetFeature request to download required data. MapInfo have observed the same behaviour with other https WFS services, and feel that MapInfo could do a better job at handling the error. Due to that reason MapInfo have filed this issue as a bug (MIPRO-26351). Description: User has reported 'An error occurred connecting to the server. HTTP status code is 502. In response to a DescribeFeatureType request, the WFS Server returned an invalid feature type' Explaination: If you have had the connection to the wfs service open for some time (ie overnight possibly) the connection may be lost. With MapInfo, to re-establish connection you have to shut down the application completely and relaunch and re-connect. When you re-establish connection to the wfs service you then must select the layers that you wish to connect to within 5mins. Once 5mins lapses you cannot connect to the layers and you will get an error such as the 502 you experienced. This 5min timeout seems unique to MapInfo. In v9.5 if you missed that 5min window you have to shut down MapInfo completely (just closing the connection doesn’t work) and relaunch to create the connection. Description: Users have reported the Cadastre WFS doesn't display the skinny sliver type lots. They are normally 0.1m PAW or spite stripes. Explanation: The cadastral data is stored using Lat/Long (GDA94) coordinates because they are state wide. When using this coordinate system in MapInfo there is essentially an 11cm resolution between points. With these 10cm wide lots this means that they sometimes get 'compressed' into a line like object. Effective a 0 width polygon. MapInfo supports custom projections and the solution is to create a custom projection with bounds equivalent to the MBR of Western Australia in the local MapInfo installation. This causes MapInfo to render objects with greater resolution and these 10cm wide lots are rendered correctly. With 'standard' downloads using MGA this issue doesn't occur. Description: Users have reported an error message whilst attempting to obtain some SLIP WFS layers. These reports have been investigated and a cause has been identified, specifically a restriction on the attribute name within a layer. The restriction is based on the 'ref' keyword within the attribute name. For example, the layer Cadastre (Address) (LGATE-002) has the attributes number_from_prefix and number_to_prefix. This issue has been tested against MapInfo v8.5 and v9.5, and although confirmed by MapInfo as being a bug in their product, it is unknown if or when a patch will be made available. Affected users should speak to their local MapInfo support for further details, as this may result in higher priority being given to devising a fix. Description: When loading a WFS layer, an error message is displayed, indicating that the table cannot be created. A MapInfo TAB dataset consists of TAB, XML, ID, DAT and MAP files. Of these, only the TAB and XML files are created. One possible explanation is that MapInfo is unable to handle WFS layers with more than 15 string elements. Source.

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