Specification sheet: CCAD2015MLPCM CorelCAD 2015 Drafting Software Windows / Mac

Installable on Mac or Windows, this boxed version of CorelCAD 2015 Drafting Software by Corel provides an interface that is designed to be intuitive for users of other CAD software and features the ability to work with industry standard file types, including .DXF and .DWG. With a comprehensive toolset, CorelCAD includes 2D and 3D drafting and design tools, including support for extruding existing 2D designed into 3D geometries. 3D designs can be viewed interactively from any angle in the view ports and can be exported in various ways - including to 3D printers - as needed to suit project requirements. On Windows, it can run on 32- or 64-bit platforms and is able to take advantage of increased performance when used on 64-bit. CorelCAD is always 64-bit when run on a Mac. © 2016 ComXpert International CC. Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. E&OE. Products displayed here are sold by ComX Computers in South Africa. Site map The specifications displayed above may not always fully apply to the above product. The specifications displayed above applies to the full range of products related to this model. YOU CANNOT CHANGE OPTIONS UNLESS IT IS CLEARLY INDICATED AS SUCH ABOVE. Source.

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