Spherical Mercator Lat/Lon from OpenLayers, want EPSG:4326 format

I am trying to get the EPSG:4236 format of longitude and latitude from OpenLayer, however I spent several hours trying to figure this out and I really don't get what I am doing wrong. I keep getting the spherical mercator format. I have been reading information here but it seems to only show how to transform from EPSG:4326 to spherical mercator. Help would be appreciated and the link below is to the documentation : Click event on map object return coordinates using map projection (shperical mercator). You need to transform them to lat lon, like this I'm doing html code in Atom IDE, but i don't get the desired result on the browser, however, when i try with the Atom's HTML preview, i can see the result i want to get. This is my javascript to change error messages. I cannot change my template, because it is not accessible. I'm wondering if it is possible to keep track of the dragging event in Google Material Design Lite slides while its taking place and not only on drag end: I try to change the color of one layer. I've set the layerstyle by 'layer.style = {fillColor: '#660066'},' But after doing that all my features have the old style. So how can I change the color for all features? I have got a script who do some things with a .txt local file. I open the raw text file from the local computer. Then the script reads some information inside the text file included some positions to render in a map. I need to render the map, using openlayer3, as son as the local text file is readen. How can I do this ? . There is a div (id='map') into my html file where I would like to render the map. I have to admit I'm lost and drowning a bit on this one, it's a good ways out of my comfort zone but I want to believe I can handle this. So I want to be able to convert our custom SQL point, line, and poly-line data into an ESRI Shapefile format which could then be read by ArcGIS or similar application. I'm doing this in a ColdFusion web application setting and have access too but a limited understanding of Java and where it meets ColdFusion. I understand there are open source tools like GeoTools and OpenMap in Java, and I believe that one or both of these tools could achieve this. However I fear (and almost know for certain) it would take me reading 50% or more of the documentation before I understood the less than 1% of the library I need. Any help, direction, examples, or support would be greatly appreciated. . Hello y'all, I'm trying to implement this tutorial as a module in a page but I am getting a 'weatherData.temperature is null' error. I had previously been getting a 'weatherData.city is null' error but fixed it by using onreadystatechange on the js. I get that before I was getting the error because I was trying to setInnerHTML to something that was null because I hadn't wrapped the script in the onreadystatechange but now I'm stumped as to why I'm getting a similar error for a different line of code. (And yes, for reasons beyond my control I cannot separate the html and js on the page. I know. I know...) I have several ESRI shape files from which I need to extract lat/long points. I have access to the OpenMap API in Java. Is this possible? If so, how? Source.

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