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World political map multi-layered and scalable to whatever size you want without losing the quality. Ideal for illustrations and prints. Detailed vector map of every country in the world with subdivisions of areas/territories/jurisdictions recognised by governments or other organisations for administrative purposes. These range from large groups of nation states right down to subnational borders (regions, provinces or states). Fully editable with multiple thematic layers : Maritime routes, Land, Minor islands, Antartic ices, Glacited areas, Countries, Internal administrative boundaries, Urban areas, Major urban areas, Large urban areas, Reefs, Rivers of Europe, Rivers of North America, Rivers, Large rivers, Lakes of Europe, Lakes of North America, Lakes, Elevation points, Railroads, Roads, Towns, Major towns, Cities and Graticule layers. The design respect the rules and standards of cartographic composition with a style of colors and patterns consistent and creative. Polygons are symbolized so that no adjacent polygons have the same color, which helps the reader understand the map. All texts can be modified : real text no outlines. The typographies utilized are appropriate for use in mapping, maintaining readability in small spaces and on complex backgrounds of the map. It also utilize a hierarchical correct use of font size. All them are free for personal and commercial use. Keywords: map, vector map, cartography, real text, layered, word map, countries, political, regions, provinces, states, political map, capital city, europe, asia, america, oceania, africa, geographic, geography. Source.

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