SVG import = adding vector shapes to Painter. – Suggestion Box – Painter Product Discussion –

that I agree with, but that's something entirely different than what was being suggested in this thread. People suggested we should use web formats over native formats because they are free, open source, and because programs like serif and krita use them. I have nothing against SVG support like I already said, what I wouldn't like, is that we are forced to use web formats as native formats. People shouldn't have to have to deal with all the issues SVG will cause. (and it will cause issues, all you have to do is read the corel draw forums) If we have CDR or AI support, ask for all the SVG you want, but to suggest people should be using SVG as a native format to store and access their files in, is a terrible idea, and that was what was being suggested, and the arguments used for it 'open source'..'krita uses it and krita is free', are just as bad. Source.

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