Original questionIs there any automated or semi-automated way of tracing outermost outline or whole path of letters in TikZ?That I would be able (e.g. by using positioned nodes) to draw a le ... I include an svg I created with matplotlib(see here how - at the bottom) using pyplot.savefig('test.svg') in my latex document. documentclass{beamer} usepackage{graphicx} usepackage{svg} begin{document} frame{ includesvg[pdf,width=textwid Is it possible to create an own scalable font from a set of symbols (~700), all in SVG format. All of them are symbols (like Zapf Dingbats), so there would be no need for special settings like ligatures, italic corrections, etc. Basically I want that Imagine you have logo or pictogram you would like to use as a font in XeTeX/LateX much like the fontawesome package provides for the likes of twitter, github etc. How would one go about this ?In order to get a not yet existing symbol as a character i with some math as HTML it doesn't display well on some readers. How can I include a specific font to epub for this badly displayed math? Or is there any option to convert all math to picture (SVG)?Thanks in advance :-)Regarding math, there are always The font of word press quick latex looks so light and not so good. Is it possible to change the font a bit dark and a bit cool?and i am writing chemical reaction so i must use wp quick latex ... I am trying to get different size fonts in a tex file exported from inkscape. The idea is that my figure might have header text that should be bigger than other text. For example, I have thi ... I want to make a poster in Inkscape and include the bibliography I have in .bib file. When I had only one item in the list, I just copied the text from generated pdf and manually formatted i ... htlatex is supposed to support tikz with defpgfsysdriver{pgfsys-tex4ht.def} and it does on some tikz examples, but for some other examples, it gives bad svg images.UPDATEI was able to redu ... I'm working on several pieces of coursework involving lots of plots generated with matplotlib in python scripts.Currently I'm doing this with an iterative process where I set a plot size in ... I usually plot my functions using Matlab or Python (matplotlib) and set labels with LaTeX. Occasionally, the plots have some rendering problem and I edit their SVG or EPS files using Inkscape. The problem is that Inkscape imports the LaTeX symbols us I really love the font Baskerville. However I could not find a perfect replacment for TeXlive. Even though the pseudo-version like librebaskerville does exist, but it's too thick and doesn't ... I am using the svg package to include an svg file with transparent 3D graphic and latex code to be set at the right label positions. I tried many different methods to do that (matlab->,eps+tex file) where always a bitmap graphic was included in an vec I would like to define a style (e. g. style=techDraw) that gives me the possibility to define the behavior of all technical drawings made by tikz or imported as pdf_tex a. s. o. when the style techDraw is set for this graphic. It should enable a stan In this site, there are some useful web fonts for icons. I would like to use such a kind of font for designs using icons next to the usual fonts of LaTeX for the text. Concretely, I would like to build macros that use locally the fonts juts for displ Im currently using default simple symbol capabilities or dingbat fonts for point objects. Is there maybe a SVG symbol library for qgis that is a bit more extensive than that which is included?I've found this site http://mapicons.nicolasmollet.com whi Having resolved my squished projection I'm now facing the fact that QGIS exports all my labels as vectors, which means I can't take the map over to Inkscape and fine tune the fonts without retyping them all. Is there any way around this?I have faced My goal is to display rotated labels for roads on my openlayers based webmap. The problem is actually solved (with a custom SVG solution), but i have some problems with the styling of the labels. As I using the custom SVG js, 'labelOutlineColor' and When I export SVG files from QGIS using the Print composer the stroke widths become a lot wider when importing into Adobe Illustrator. It seems like the stroke width in the SVG translates differently in Illustrator compared ti Inkscape.ExampleA line Can anyone tell me whether there is a SVG plugin or source (or how to do) of letters of the alphabet e.g. A, B, C, D etc. I want to create a symbology with colour e.g. gray but also with letters in the fill pattern e.g. SI to denote 'Semi-improved&qu Source.

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