One of SVGs sweet spots is the visualization of interactive graphs and maps, however, at present there are only a few open source libraries that facilitate the creation of SVG-powered graphs and maps. D3[1] provides extraordinary flexibility, exposing the full capabilities of underlying technologies such as CSS3, HTML5 and SVG so that users do not have to learn a new intermediate proprietary representation. With minimal overhead, D3 is extremely fast, supporting large datasets and dynamic behaviors for interaction and animation. D3 was designed with a functional programming ECMAScript API that requires rudimentary programming skills to add basic interactivity, while more seasoned programmers are able to add customized logic to the visualizations. The PolyMaps[2] library is geared toward the creation of SVG-enhanced maps which can be interactively visualized from a world-view scale all the way down to cities and street level views. Map tile data can be pulled from a local image data source or just as easily from many different image-based web map providers: Bing, Google, OpenStreetMap, or CloudMade. In this hands-on course we will explore at least these two free open source libraries in some depth. And best of all, with SVG now well-supported in most browsers, plugins are not necessary for either of these libraries. In addition, a few other excellent open source libraries are emerging such as Pergola [3] and SVG Replicate [4] which we will explore as time permits through a series of practical exercises and demos such as integration with HTML5, GeoLocation, and CSS3 features. Please join this fun and practical mini-course. [2] Project from SimpleGeo, Mike Bostock and Stamen (online: [Last accessed: July 2011] [4] 'SVG , a proposal for extending SVG' (online: [Last accessed: July 2011] Barend Köbben (University of Twente – Faculty of Geo–Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC)) Source.

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