ArcPad supports a wide range of ArcGIS symbols and style sheets, enabling maps in ArcPad to mirror the appearance of those in ArcGIS. The use of familiar symbology, which complies with organizational cartographic standards, makes it easier for field users of ArcPad to transition from using paper maps or desktop PCs to using mobile devices in the field. ArcPad is designed for organizations wanting to expand the benefits of GIS to workers in the field. Firefighters, police officers, utility workers, inspectors, soldiers, census workers, field biologists, and more use Create, Edit, and Display GIS Data ArcPad allows users to create and edit spatial data (points, lines, and polygons) using input from the mouse pointer, pen, keyboard, GPS, digital camera, or rangefinder. ArcPad includes editing tools for offsets, repeated attributes, segmented line features, snapping, and more. Users can record field sketches and notes into the data collection process with ArcPad. Sketches can be shared and exchanged as a graphics layer to and from ArcGIS Desktop. These sketches can become part of the geodatabase and the project record. Pour profiter du Web d'aujourd'hui, veuillez dès maintenant mettre à jour votre navigateur. Vous pouvez le faire gratuitement en cliquant sur l'un des liens suivants : Source.

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