My work mainly focuses on extracting information from photographs and videos. My goal is to obtain useful data for Computer Graphics, i.e. suitable for rendering new images. During my PhD with François Sillion at INRIA, I developed new solutions to image-based modeling, mainly shape reconstruction from image sequences and recovery of the 3D geometry of hair. Since my post-doc at MIT with Frédo Durand, I am also interested in computational photography. I am looking at signal-processing techniques to apply them to digital photographs and videos. Compared to traditional film photography, this unveils a large spectrum of possibilities to modify and enhance the picture content. Conversely, photography-related applications raise specific issues such as user interaction and photorealism, and cast a new light upon known signal-processing methods. I am now a researcher at Adobe, working in the Advanced Technology Labs where I pursue my research on computational photography and image-based modeling. I am always happy to work with interns. If you are interested in doing an internship with me, here is what you need to know: Here are my publications in chronological order. Some of them have inspired products. I also gave a few talks that give a broader view of my work.

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