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With MapInfo Professional you can perform sophisticated and detailed data analysis to understand your business information from a geographic perspective. You’ll discover patterns and trends you could not previously see, create quality maps that facilitate effective decision making, and enhance reports and presentations. Developers can easily integrate MapInfo Professional with other software to create applications that fit specific mapping needs. Direct database read/write capabilities allow you to access all your corporate data wherever it’s stored, and the extensive collection of maps and data included in MapInfo Professional make it ready for your immediate use. MapInfo offers a robust set of tools to perform sophisticated mapping, data visualization and GIS functions. With MapInfo Professional, you can connect directly to all your local and server- side databases and create maps and charts that reveal the true meaning behind rows and columns of data. Plus you can customize MapInfo Professional for your exact needs. Users in virtually every industry, including telecommunications, utilities, retail and government use MapInfo Professional for market analysis, real estate site selection, asset management and customer service. It's the world's leading mapping solution combining power and ease- of-use. MapInfo Professional offers users an advanced geographic analysis and display tool with an interactive Windows interface. MapInfo Professional users can manipulate and display data in several ways to better understand the meaning behind database records: for shading maps based on data values helps visually reveal patterns and trends. Choose from many colors, symbols, and line types to enhance comparisons, and save frequently-used templates for future reference and modification. , for use of raster images such as scanned paper maps, satellite images, photographs, and logos, provides a detailed content layer for your maps. with a mouse click to view information associated with a particular point on a map such as name, address, and account history. Perform sophisticated redistricting to balance regions and test alignment scenarios to discover how to improve your regions (school districts, voting districts, redevelopment regions, etc.). Improve presentations by 'dragging and dropping' a map into other applications such as Microsoft® Word, Excel, or PowerPoint® and Corel Draw, or export maps directly into Photoshop. MapInfo Professional is the ideal mapping tool for organizations that want to give powerful data visualization and analysis capabilities to individuals or entire departments. allows bi-directional data translation between MapInfo Professional and other mapping environments, including AutoCad, ESRI and Intergraph formats. capability for locally-stored data types such as dBase®, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Lotus® 1-2-3®, and ASCII. Also provides simultaneous access to such databases as Oracle®, Sybase®, Informix®, SQL Server, and other ODBC compliant databases. , FREE. MapInfo Professional includes more than 90 maps and hundreds of data sets, including demographics, business statistics and map points and boundaries such State and Provincial, ZIP Code®, county, major highways and cities for Europe, Australia, China, and Japan, and much more. No other mapping software offers developers the flexibility of MapInfo Professional. It can be embedded into pre-existing applications or can be fully integrated into business systems. using OLE Automation lets developers integrate MapInfo Professional into applications written in common programming languages such as Visual Basic,® PowerBuilder,® and C++. , the robust mapping programming language, lets developers create application-specific interfaces, add menus, options, features and functions, automate procedures, and integrate with other applications. lets MapBasic programmers display real-time data almost instantly, such as the instantaneous display of data relayed by a GPS unit. Source.

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