Task #68034: Map4.7 Projected change in the .. – Indicators/Map/Graph/Daviz – Taskman — for the Agile* project team

Actions to monitor10% Kick-off meeting is held. PM has been informed about the requirements and the Taskman20% QC-step1: Data and metadata received, data and metadata undergoing examination and accepted by IDM3.30% Re-production of Excel and metadata in Daviz (EEA CMS) or re-production of map in ArcGIS and Adobe illustrator.40% QC-step2: Internal QC of Daviz or Map made. Link to DaViz stated in the ticket or PNG version of map attached to ticket. PNG, EPS and MXD files stored to Clu3data50% QC-step3 PM QC approval/rejection of Map or DaViz. If rejected go back to 30%60% MDI3 maintainance of ticket- and filestructure. Approved files ready for COM70% MDI3 Map and metadata uploaded in the EEA CMS. Change state to 'Make visible with Eionet login (for review by PM)'80% QC-step4 - Internal QC of data and metadata uploaded to the CMS. Change state to 'Make visible with direct link /for review by PM)'100% Notify PM (goes automatically via Taskman if PM is in watcher list). Close ticket. Reopen ticket if PM comes back with important remarks or if newer data appear. Is it possible to acquire data and metadata for this series of maps?Second best option is if high-resolution vector based eps-, ai- or pdf-files can be delivered I have one specific comment on the map below. If we reprint a map from an existing publication, such as here, I am not convinced that we need to “add” Turkey. Source.

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