We are sorry, the page you requested cannot be found (code 404). It has been moved to a new location or does not exist anymore. The MyODBC driver 3.51 is not reliable when editing a database file. This driver can work fine in read-only situations, but generally the MyODBC driver has problem updating float: http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=11970 Applications based on versions after 8.3.10 will contain a work around for this. The work around will reduce the float precision to 14 digits so any other application saving 15 precision digits will break the workaround. The work around will patch both ADO, and for interoperabilit... TGIS_Shape.Smooth method, which is a Catmull-Rom splines smoothing algorithm, can be used to smooth vector lines or polygon boundaries by adding additional, well placed, vertices to the line or polygon feature. (The TatukGIS Editor also supports this feature.) The counterpart to TGIS_Shape.Smooth is the TGIS_Shape.Simplify property, a Douglas-Peucker vertice removal algorithm, which reduces the number of vertices in line or polygon shapes while striving to retain, within tolerance, the geometric... includes a standard interface to query NMEA messages that enables plotting (creating a map) of way points. Queries can always determine the closest waypoint feature from the current location (determined from a provided set of GPS coordinates). For example: Set ptg = GIS.ScreenToMap(GisUtils.Point(X, Y)) Set shp = GIS.Locate(ptg, 5) 'locate closest but more than 5 map units (meters?) If shp Is Nothing Then StatusBar.SimpleText = '' Else StatusBar.SimpleText = shp.GetFi... sample set #1) to confirm it does not have an embedded border. The symbol used to create the line should start at (0,0), which will be a rotation point. During rendering the line formed with a repetitive symbol is generalized so that any sub-line will match the symbol width. To smoothen such line generalization, try composing the line with narrower symbols or applying a smaller LineW... 9.x) uses GEOTRANS naming for projections/datums, which is described in Knowledge Base item KB10619 . In addition to the guidance provided in this Knowledge Base item, refer to the .ASPNET developed web GIS application can support smooth on-line editing of attributes and vector geometry via any leading web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera) and platform (iOS iPhone and iPad, Mac OS, Android phone and tablets, Windows Mobile devices, etc.) via support for HTML5 technology. The .ASPNET edition also supports a JavaScript API for advanced client side customization. ​Data storage in a SQL database layer is recommended to accommodate multi-user on-line ed... Data exported from a vector map layer can be defined using an attribute query, spatial extent, shape type (points, lines, polygons), or some combination of these. The ​ ExportLayer method can filter an export by spatial extent and non-spatial atribute query. The GIS Editor product, provides settings to customize an export based on spatial extent, attribute query, and/or shape type in the the Layer Export dialog box found under menu Layer / Export. KB10221 - In my yacht marina management application I would like to create functionality to allow the user to create, delete, edit, and move polygons, with e... Some of the actions that you list can be done on your own, using: shp.GetPoint...shp.AddPoint But keep in mind that you can create a CGM symbol (in Corel Draw for example) to represent, for instance, each yacht. Then you can scale, rotate, move, etc. this symbol, and each boat represented just by point. This method will probably best address your situation. v. 8.5.1 introduced TGIS_Shape.Transform to provide for typical matrix operations for scaling, rotating, moving etc. of shapes. This allows ... 8.x and IS 8.x versions. Refer to KB10820 . GPS coordinates are usual latitude/longitude in WGS84. With VB: Set prj_list = New XGIS_ProjectionList Set prj = prj_list.FindEx('MER”) 'mercator Set result = obj_src.Project( my_coordinates ) With VB.NET: prj_list = New TatukGIS_DK.XGIS_ProjectionList prj = prj_list.FindEx('MER”) 'mercator result = prj.Project( my_coordinates ) With Delphi: prj := ProjectionList.Find(‘MER’)... The offset reflects a mistake in CorelDraw in how it creates CGM symbols. TatukGIS offers a CGM Center utility (SKU1052-458) utility to correct the offset of CGM symbols produced by CorelDraw. This utility can be downloaded from www.tatukgis.com/downlad. By using this utility you will be able to automatically create a name.cgm.ini file that will fix the CGM symbol positioning for TatukGIS software purposes. This utility works with the Source.

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