Mean annual temperature in BC has increased over the last 100 years, particularly within the last 30 years of the 20th century. Temperatures in the northern half of the province increased by an average of 1.7°C, and by 1.1°C in the south. However, these increases in temperature have been anything but uniform - varying over specific regions of the province. The purpose of this project is therefore to concentrate on the 30 year period between 1970 and 2000, to show that climate change occurred, and which regions were subject to change the most. This will then be linked to wildfires to highlight a possible impact of climate change. The maps will be created using ArcGIS, and animated using Corel R.A.V.E so as to aid user interpretation of the maps. A graph of temperature change will also be generated, as well as a standard deviation map indicating the spatial distribution of climate change. Source.

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