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Overview The Drosophila Gateway Vector collection How to get the vectors Organization of the vectors FAQs Vector sequence files References Copyright notice The Drosophila Gateway™ Vector collection is a set of 68 Gateway-based vectors designed to express epitope-tagged proteins in Drosophila culture cells or flies. At its core is Invitrogen (link is external)'s Gateway™ (link is external) recombination cassette, which allows you to recombine an Open Reading Frame (ORF) of interest into any of the vectors using a simple and efficient in vitro reaction. The result is a fusion gene with your ORF placed in frame with one of 7 different epitope tags and expressed by one of 4 different promoters. We have constructed a set of 17 Gateway/Tag modules (Figure 2 and Table 1) for use in making different destination vectors. Each module contains one of seven epitope tags placed either 5' or 3' of the Gateway cassette, followed by stop codons in all three reading frames. These modules can be subcloned into any vector containing a promoter and terminator of interest as an EcoRV (blunt) - NheI (XbaI compatible) restriction fragment. This subcloning step is facilitated by the presence of a chlR gene within the Gateway cassette, allowing the desired clones to be selected based on their resistance to chloramphenicol. Vectors are available from the Drosophila Genomics Resource Center at Indiana University (link is external). Source.

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