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I make a box (1m x 1m x 1m) and UV mapping, next export UVs to EPS. When I open this file in CorelDraw it is much smaller than the box in modo, it have 31 mm x 42 mm, and should be 1000mm x 1000mm. What I am doing wrong? Can anybody help me? The default DPI is probably set to screen, which is 72 DPI. Try changing it to 300. You should have an option to change it when you open it in Corel. I would hope so at least, I only use Adobe stuff. In Adobe Photoshop the same thing, it's to small, and have same size like in Corel. Maybe someone can explain how to do, step by step. Here is where you change the DPI in photoshop. 300 is what you probably want. This should pop up as soon as you try to open up the EPS. The print size for the image should be irrelevent. What is important is that the UV 0-1 range fills your image. Then it will texture correctly on your model regardless how many pixels or millimeters it has. I have 300 dpi, but when I open the file i PS it's smaller then in modo. In modo it have 1000mm x 1000mm and in PS only 120 mm x 120 mm. Why? Second, a 1x1x1m box does not create a 1x1m UV map. The UV map can be mapped to any pixel dimension (1024 px, 2048px...). Since you know your dimensions, why not just create the map size you want in CorelDraw to begin with? Or if you want the shape of the UV map, then export it to use as a template in CorelDraw and scale it up. If this is truely a 1x1x1M box, then you don't even need the template, just draw several 1m x 1m boxes and align them, then draw what you want on them. If you are planning on bringing this back into Modo, I will warn you that those will create some VERY big maps, if you are doing 300 dpi work. It doesn't matter as long as the proportions of you exported file are 1:1. You can give it any dimension you need in PS if you have to work with actual measurements. When you're done you save it to 1024x1024 pixels or larger if you like and you're done. Source.

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