The Letterville BullBoard: how to change pdf file designed in adobe acrobat program to regular sign program pdf

This should work to put the PDF in a format that a sign program can understand. Be prepared to do some cleanup work sometimes: Below is how I use Illustrator to convert a PDF to outlines, even if I don't have the fonts loaded. It has worked great for me: 2. Click on File ->, Place and select the pdf file. The dialog box will show link and template. Checkmark on Link but DO NOT check template. Click OK 3. The file should display with the bounding box around it. Now click on object ->, flatten transparency in the menu. You will get another dialog box to come up. Make sure raster/vector balance is set to 100% vectors. Also check 'convert all text to outlines'. All other checked boxes are not of great concern when it is the missing font you are after. I have attached a screen shot of the 'flatten transparency settings. Click OK. 4. YOU'RE DONE! You now have a pdf file and you did not need the fonts in order to open. IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that this does not help you out if you want to edit the text. If that is needed, then you must buy the font. This simply allows you to open up pdfs without having the necessary fonts installed. 5. The only thing left may be a bounding box that you can remove. In Illustrator, I click on the direct selection tool (shortcut A on keyboard). Drag across the bounding box only. Hit delete twice, and that is no I've had this same problem. I don't have illustrator. Without illustrator, how can I import this type of file into a regular sign program. Russ didn't tell you to 'open' the file, he said to 'place' the file. I don't know the Corel method, which may or may not exist... but try to look for something more similar to the suggestions Russ quoted. Dave's have to import in Corel. Once in a while we get a PDF that Corel can't understand, but will open in Illustrator. Probably has someting to do with what Adobe version it was created in. Having Reader make the pdf scrubs all the crazy 'trip up other programs' out of the pdf. I belive versions of Coreldraw back to 10 can import pdfs. Usually you can also use the Explorer window & right-click on the file name & select open-with>, & choose corel draw from the options and that has the same effect as importing it into a new file in corel. When importing a .pdf into Corel, sometimes i will have to use the Options Button on Import and specify PDF as the file type. Don't exactly know why, but it works most of the time. I'm fond of PDF and request my clients send their artwork in that extension. It's a powerful format for detailed work with files that are kept too large. Source.

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