The Letterville BullBoard: how to convert adobe reader pdf file to regular vector file?

I received a pdf file from printing company for menu, I opened in adobe reader perfectly, but use Corel suite 3x, it discorted. DOWNLOAD an ADOBE PDF READER program. ADOBE ACROBAT is just a VIEWER. will let you look at stuf but you can manipulate anything in it unless you purchase the FULL ADOBE ACROBATE. if it is vector graphics to begin with, you can IMPORT the pdf file directly into CorelDRAW! and it should still be editable vector graphic- I do this between Illustrator and CDX3 (recently X6) We sometimes receive pdf files that Corel X4 can't read. I susupect they are from Illy. My solution is to read it with a pdf reader/writer then make a new pdf from the old pdf with the writer. This second pdf will be coded slightly differently and Corel can import it. X3 won't open newer pdfs that came from a higher version of Illustrator. It's frustrating of course. I have used a free shareware vector program called Inkscape to open these. Then I save them as an eps and import into Corel. It often works. Source.

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