The New IP – New IP & Data Center Transformation

Indeed, the New IP world is fundamentally changing how the industry thinks and operates, all the way down to the data center, noted Ashwin Krishnan, Head of Products, Software Networking Business, Brocade Communications Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: BRCD) during his keynote at Light Reading's Telco Data Center Summit in Dallas. To put some perspective behind the importance of telco data centers when it comes to delivering content in our social, mobile world, Krishnan talked about Facebook . Facebook optimizes for the 8% of photos driving more than 80% of its traffic. This 8% gets the fastest access right by storing them in 'hot storage,' he says. The rest of Facebook's billions of photos only need warm or cold storage -- rarely accessed, but still taking up space. To transform to meet customer demands, Krishnan says data center operators must first understand that there is a gap. 'You have to understand where you are and adopt the way that's relevant to you. You'll end up constantly learning.' Krishnan also said that he has learned that there are three real vectors -- agility, value, price. 'We have not seen a single customer able to optimize for all three at the same time. You want to pick the two you think are the most relevant to you,' he said. 'If you try to do all three at once, it's a hard gap to close. We haven't seen a single customer pull that off.' Krishnan also stressed the importance of ecosystems and working together to help meet customer demands and transform networks and services. 'All of us are in the same boat as vendors and providers,' he said. 'It comes down to the fact that there are lots of ways to get to where you want to get -- you have to understand your choices,' he said. 'Once you know them, it makes the journey easier. If you don't know your choices and you get taken in by rhetoric, you'll fail and not even know it.' Source.

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