The Plugin Site – Adobe Photoshop plugins and plug-ins, filters and effects for Paint Shop Pro, Corel Photo-Paint, Adobe Premiere

1. About Photoshop-compatible Plugins 1b. Other Photoshop Add-ons: Actions, Scripts and Extensions 2. Plugin Hosts 3. Incompatibilities 4. Free and Commercial Plugins 5. Converting FFL files 6. Installing Your Plugins 7. Organizing your Plugins on the Hard Drive 7b. Moving your Plugins to a New Computer 8. Making FilterMeister Plugins work under Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 9. Using Filter Factory Plugins under Newer Operating Systems 10. Using Older Plugins under MacOS X 11. 64-bit Photoshop Plugins 12. Using 32-bit Photoshop Plugins on 64-bit Operating Systems 13. Using Photoshop Plugins with Adobe Lightroom 14. Running Plugins 15. Image Modes and 16-bit Images 16. Non-Destructive Filtering with Plugins 17. Batch Processing with Plugins 18. Managing your Plugins 19. Creating your Own Plugins 20. Conclusion 21. Feedback Source.

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