The South Australian Geology Extension for ArcGIS | Mapping Sciences Institute, Australia

CONTACT NAME: Jonathan Irvine ROLE: Project Geoscientist COMPANY: Geological Survey of South Australia, Department of State Development, Government of South Australia. ADDRESS: GPO Box 320, Adelaide, South Australia, SA 5001 WEBSITE URL: PHONE: +61 (8) 8204 1702 EMAIL: Total number of submissions: 4 The South Australian Geology Extension (SAGE) provides cartographic functionality designed to allow users to style and constrain renderers and build customized, dynamically managed legends and text blocks. Users can create a single map template with enhanced layouts and legends for an entire geological map series.SAGE integrates into ArcGIS, allowing geoscientists to display and symbolize data layers on a map, as well as create presentation quality geological maps. The legend layout manager functionality limits the display to features in the visible extent, automatically computing and presenting an optimized, cartographically balanced display of legends within each map layout, with no intervention required. Source.

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