thematic mapping blog: Mapping New Zealand: Editing and merging shapefiles with QGIS

Hi Bjørn,Thanks for your great blogging. LINZ is currently working on creating topo250 and topo500 polygon layers as I speak. I know it's a little too late for you, but it should mean other users won't have to go through the polygonise processI’ll post back here once we release the datasets on http://data.linz.govt.nzCheers,Jeremy Thanks Jeremy! Nice if you post back here once you release the datasets. I'm in New Zealand for another month or two, so I might even use it for my experiments. It's great that you provide all these data for free!Cheers,Bjørn Hi Bjørn,We've updated the 50k combined coastline layer with the new data. It's on LDS here: LINZ has also put up 250k and 500k versions:!Cheers,Jeremy Source.

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