Tierra Mapper Features, Mobile Pocket PC GIS – GPS and Visual CE Database Integration

Create a map in your PC GIS program, or create or download standard georeferenced raster images from any number of available programs or Convert the PC georeferenced images to Tierra Mapper format using Tierra Converter (included PC tool with Tierra Mapper). Copy the converted maps and any database point or Shapefile point or polyline datasets you want to map on to your PPC memory card. Visual CE support provides access to PPC Native Object Store and Pocket Access databases on both PPC 2003 and Windows Mobile 5 - 6.5. Center on GPS shows current location and direction of travel. Coordinates and elevation are displayed at the top of the map. Point locations can be created from the map (GPS or user selected) and the the Visual CE form is automatically opened for attribute collection, or points can be added with the GPS functionality in Visual CE and these points will be visible in Tierra Mapper. Support for integrated PPC / Phone devices, Verizon XV6700 (HTC Apache), Sprint PC6700 (HTC), Cingular 8125 (HTC) and HP iPAQ 6500 devices tested and others likely supported (problem with ETEN G500 reported). VGA device Support. Menus and Icons are sized correctly for high resolution devices. Odd device resolutions like WVGA should also be supported but these have not been tested. Source.

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Last Modified: April 23, 2016 @ 7:10 am