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My question, My working files are ALL in a custom projection that dont have a EPSG entry. Most of the agencies that i work with, they all work with this custom projection. Now, can I pushish these images which are in local projection as Google Maps Tiles? or do you have any restriction. we use geoserver and customize projection for victor and it all works well. so, if I can get the images into this custom projection (tiles), then we can include imagery too into the application. it should work robert, as long as there is a projection set on the layers and the map frame, A2E will be able to automatically reproject to the google maps projection the one caveat is when dealing with projections that require a Datum shift (geotransformation) to line up correctly with WGS84. What is your projection's underlying datum? Well, I'm looking at tiles as TMS specification (not as google maps). and so the projection should be local projection/daum used. In my case we are using Kertau datum (with modified everest 1830 as spheroid) and the projection is Cassini. ArcGIS does support his and the map frame is in this local projection. So, I need to get my tiles (TMS standard) in casini also, so I can use it with my vector layers. Source.

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