Ensure no 'pseudo' fonts are used, i.e. fonts created by pressing the italic or bold buttons on the font menu. Fonts should be selected by name, i.e. if you are working in Souvenir Demi Bold and you require italic, you should scroll down your font menu until you find Souvenir Demi Bold Italic. Images required for print should be supplied as either Grayscale, Bitmap, JPG, CMYK (for offset), or RGB (for offset or digital). Often you will be supplied with images (almost certainly JPEGs) which are 72dpi resolution. Just changing this to 300dpi resolution will not improve the image. All graphics produced for websites are far too low resolution for commercial printing. If you download a .5' wide logo from a website and then place it in a document intended for printing, it will look very poor. Any document that has any part of its image area running right up to the trim (i.e. the very edge of the page) must have a .125 inch continuation of that image area over the edge of the trim. This is known as Bleed. This is the case for any commercial printing. Do not leave text or images on the pasteboard (outside the document area) in your Quark or InDesign artwork. These will all be processed by the RIP. Often a prepress operator can spend time trying to find fonts or images that the document insists it needs, only to find eventually that they are from old material that has been left on the pasteboard. When taking pictures, with a digital camera, to be used for printed material, please set your cameras on the highest setting. For example a 24' x 12' 72 dpi file will downsize to a 6' x 3' 288 dpi file which is a good resolution for printing. All Fonts needed for both page layout programs and graphic programs including: PostScript (Screen and Printer Fonts) and TrueType Include a composite laser or color print for each creative. These should be at 100% Also include color break laser whenever possible Any Special instructions pertinent to the job Source.

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