: The purpose of converting Corel Draw files into a CAD file format allows for an Image drawn in Corel draw to be viewed in Arcview and successfully rectified (if base maps used are in same datum, coordinates, and projection). Select all the features you want converted to a CAD file by using Edit – select all – objects and then saving them as AutoCAD (DXF) – assign appropriate name and remember where you saved it To View the converted Corel file in Arcview, select Add theme and select your DXF feature. You can choose to display points, polylines, or polygons, and/or annotation (this is done be single clicking with the left mouse button on the folder in the add theme window). To Convert it to a shape file, select Theme – Convert to Shapefile – give it an appropriate name and send it to an appropriate directory, and click OK. By utilizing the compatibility of Corel Draw and ArcView, it is easy to convert data layers of existing digital maps into formats recognized by ArcView. By converting the data layers into a DXF file format, the data you have is easily displayed in ArcView with the use of the Cad Reader extension. Once in ArcView, it is easier to convert DFX files to SHP files, making the need of re-digitizing existing digital data sets unnecessary. : Once the dataset has been formatted for ArcView displays, it is recommended that the ShapeWarp extension be used to rectify the former DXF file with an existing data theme so that they are in the same projection and coordinate system. Source.

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