I have a Workflow like this: A User uploads a Document (DOC, XLS, something...). Via JavaScript, i change the name of the Document and generate a PDF. f.e: document.doc -->, 10_001_document.doc and 10_001_document.pdf The PDF is readable for everyone, the DOC is private to some Users. 1) You can create the PDF yourself using an XSLT transformation and some java code. In the process, you could then change the data before creating the pdf. 2) Change the DOC file first and insert the doc number. This would help as well to map doc to pdf 3) write your own pdf-editor-classes ,-) 'Reading alone is not enough, sometimes, understanding is helpful as well'(roughly after Kurt Tucholsky ,-) ) Did I shorten your search, gimme a point, I want one too :-D ... oh ... and update the Wiki PLEASE. --- Developer Tutorials: http://www.ecmarchitect.com Share Login vs Alfresco Login: Forum Thread There are some professional software like Adobe Acrobat to edit PDFs directly but their prices are extremely high and operating are so complicated. Why not use a converter to convert pdf to word for easier editing?I prefer cost-effective Adreamsoft PDF to Word Converter in that it works well and is my competent tool now. After you edit files, you can use a office add-on SaveAsPDF to save word as pdf format by clicking files>,save as. You all can have a free trial and sincerely hope they can do you some favor. Adobe Acorbat is the most powerful PDF editor. If you cannot afford it, there are many other cheap PDF eiditors you may have a try. Source.

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