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A Tutorial for The WaveFormer: a timing diagram editor and digital stimulus generator ... timing diagrams. Digital stimulus generators import, export, and translate digital waveform ... . list box in the lower left corner of the Export Dialog Box. We ... generator for simulations.... ... + E Access the Selection Grid Parameters dialog box Alt + G Access online help Alt ... return to the Import dialog. Step 5. Choose the file to import operations from ... the Import dialog by clicking on the Cancel (red X) button. Importing Your Tool... ... Audio Mixdown dialog box opens. The top of the dialog box displays the source ... tracks you wish to import by checking the box next to it ... , use the Change Sample Rate dialog box to ensure that all the ... . 2 Select the Time Stretch Tool.... ... New Project. A New Project File dialog box will appear. Name the project ... automatically. The New Project File dialog box will close and return the ... tool palette to the design tool canvas. Fill in the pop-up dialog box ... .submitPaintRequest('robbie','green')... ... new clip and close the dialog box. Another dialog box asks you to select ... 'Convert Selection to AIFF' Then import the new converted files into ... point. 3 Choose an edit tool in the tool palette. 4 Press I or O and ... Display. The Video Display... ... OBJ format, that you can import using the Create Symbol Wizard ... on the Edit tool bar. In the Convert Polyline dialog box, a series of ... OK. The Polyline Solid Specification dialog box appears for our new object ... Convert Polyline tool. In the... ... corner of the Job Output dialog box. See the What s New document ... now tracked in the properties dialog box. A log file of all file ... during a single import operation. Select multiple files in the Import dialog box, then follow ... automatically.... 3D - DOCTOR, 3D imaging, modeling, rendering and measurement software ... Edit/Calibrations command. At the dialog box, enter the values for X, Y, and ... in the Image Calibration Parameters dialog box, and the correct scaling will ... Interest/ROI Tool On/Off to toggle... ... /Long degrees and opens the Import Projection dialog. Select Universal Transverse Mercator ... 1m / pixel - ToolBar Icon Measure Tool - Measure horizontal/vertical distances in ... map map window The following dialog box is displayed Folder - the location ... CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 offers new and enhanced vector illustration, page layout, photo editing, tracing and visual communication tools. ... a new Web animation tool. Plus, a new Export Dialog box now lets you compare ... file quality. Interactive Table Tool... 3D - DOCTOR, 3D imaging, modeling, rendering and measurement software ... files. The Select Image Files dialog box supports multiple file name selections ... Image File Import/Single File and File/Raw Image Import/Multiple Files ... or the viewing angle control tool... ... from the enhanced Source Settings dialog box. Download the preview release for ... choosing which layers to import and how to import them. Apply keyframeable ... and source content, and use tool tips to see the output ... cue points, all using a single dialog... Source.

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