The toolbox contains tools for editing, creating, and viewing images. Some of the tools are visible by default, while others are grouped in flyouts. Flyouts open to display a set of related tools. A small flyout arrow in the bottom-right corner of a toolbox button indicates a flyout. The last tool used in a flyout displays in the toolbox. You can access the tools in a flyout by clicking the small black arrow that appears in the bottom, right corner of a toolbox button. After you open one flyout, you can easily scan the contents of other flyouts by hovering over any of the toolbox buttons that have flyout arrows. Flyouts function like toolbars when you drag them away from the toolbox. This lets you view all the related tools while you work. In the default workspace, clicking the flyout arrow on the Red-eye Removal tool opens the Touch up flyout. In addition to the tools, the color control area displays in the toolbox. The color control area lets you choose colors and fills. Source.

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