Receiving a real-time satellite image data stream, CineSat automatically computes the following analysis products: Based on this automatic real-time image analysis, CineSat computes the following short-range forecast products: For every incoming satellite image CineSat can automatically produce weather displays and animation movies, composed of cloud images, backgrounds, and overlays. You can choose almost any cartographic projection, image size, and color. A JavaScript-based interface to monitor the Automatic Product Extraction by means of a standard web browser. (position, diameter, area, motion speed and direction, cell top temperature, cooling rate, cell border, expansion/shrinking rate) Example table input: cities, locations, lightning, station definition and station observations, color map, pixel transformation, calibration table, etc. Operational power tool for automated real-time image processing, analysis, and extraction of your customized weather products: Processing chains are simple pairs of Unix scripts and configuration files that can easily be created, modified or extended by the user to produce customized weather products and to process new data sets CinePack: package with all necessary software, data, and configuration items (user and system configuration), supports easy version roll-out and fallback Users are not limited to a single profile - define any number of profile hierarchies and decide which application profile to use when starting your Conditional data import, export, processing, and cleanup, e.g. depending on server role, user/host name pattern, existence of files, … This allows to easily create test beds for your operational servers and new applications, and to move from research and development to operations without changes Produce customized station plots with user-defined layout and user-provided background (street maps, aerial photos, satellite images) from real-time measurements (e.g. every 5 minutes) products, post-process and combine them with other data, display, distribute, and convert them to appealing products for your web site This website uses cookies for navigation and safe browsing. By using the website, you agree with storing the cookies on your computer. Source.

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