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Considering the importance of being to manipulate files Illustrator, when you will integrate this function ? We are working on a way to import PDF/EPS as editable vectors. It’s not a simple task. (.ai files are just PDF with a different extension and wrapper). As to whether this is important, the majority of our target customer base do not care about it – Artboard and Ortelius are not intended to compete with Illustrator for graphics professionals. I beg to differ. I’m considering a purchase of Ortelius and the ability to import PDF/EPS files would be a winner. Illustrator is not a good tool for map drawing (to say the least), but we have lots of Illustrator maps (and lot and lots of Freehand maps). If only we could import them to Ortelius… I have to agree with ohado, I’ve been looking for a drawing program to replace FreeHand for a while. I’m not a graphics designer, I pretty much only make maps. Illustrator is painful to work with after using Freehand for that purpose. I’ve been looking at Ortelius for quite a while, but cannot justify a purchase. I use Freehand with an old version of MaPublisher. I’ve been waiting for the “Pro” version to be released. Being able to bring in editable PDF/EPS files would push me more into buying now rather than keep working with Freehand. I could modify my workflow regarding shapefile registration. Amen. I have several EPS files that I either purchased from Stock image sites or collected along the way. It is critical that I be able to use elements of the files in new creations. Right now I have to still use Intaglio to edit them but I so wanted to dump that program for Artboard but being able to edit industry standard formats is critical. I was soo ready to purchase but this is a deal breaker. Illustrator & Photoshop are great but they have become behemoths that are too expensive for most of us. We are looking for smaller, cheaper programs and are thankful for the likes of Pixelmator. Please give us the ability to edit at least one industry standard format soon. I have just downloded the trial version of Artboard and I think it is a fantastic, very easy to work with drawing program but the lack of capability to import vector files from other programs it is a big drawback. I think that you should try hardly to implement this feature in your product because otherwise is like having a nice plane which is able to fly but not able to land in more than in one airport. Communication with other peoples, with other programs is essential in this world!! We have an imminent update that brings full SVG import out of beta. While that isn’t quite what you’re asking for, it’s part of a raft of features we’re working on in this area. Source.

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