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During the past 20 years, transgenesis has become a popular technique and a crucial tool for molecular geneticists and biologists. Transgene expression is now better-controlled and even specifically inducible by exogenous factors. While these techniques have quite significantly transformed the experimental approaches taken by biologists, the applications are more limited than expected and concerns have arisen regarding biosafety as well as physiological, social, and philosophical issues. Transgenic Animals: Generation and Use contains articles on the techniques used to generate transgenic animals and a section on the preparation of vectors for the optimally controlled expression of transgenes. It also examines the use of transgenic animals in the study of gene function and human diseases, the preparation of recombinant proteins and organs for pharmaceutical and medical use, and the improvement of genetic characteristics of farm animals. Finally, it discusses more recent problems generated by transgenic animals including conservation of transgenic lines, specific database patenting, biosafety, and bioethics. Drawn from both academia and industry, the contributors to this monograph present in one concise volume all the relevant information on the different aspects of transgenesis. This book can be used as both a reference book and a textbook for specialized university courses and will be of interest to everyone involved in basic research in animal biology, molecular genetics, animal biotechnology, pharmaceutical science, and medicine. 15. Production of Chimeric Chickens as Intermediates for Gene Transfer / R. J. Etches, M. E. Clark and A. M. Verrinder Gibbins 47. Prospects for Directing Temporal and Spatial Gene Expression in Transgenic Animals / L. Hennighausen and P. A. Furth 59. Standardization of Transgenic Lines: from Founder to an Established Animal Model / D. Carvallo, G. Canard and D. Tucker 67. Preparation of Recombinant Proteins from Mouse and Rabbit Milk for Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Studies / M. G. Stinnakre, M. Massoud and C. Viglietta 68. Production of Complex Human Pharmaceuticals in the Milk of Transgenic Goats Using the Goats Beta Casein Promoter / P. DiTullio, K. M. Ebert and J. Pollock 70. Modification of Milk Protein Composition through Transgenesis: Progress and Problems / J.-C. Mercier and J.-L. Vilotte 72. Use of Antisense RNA and Ribozyme Sequences to Prevent Infectious Diseases in Transgenic Animals / L. Han and T. A. Wagner 73. Antibody Encoding Transgenes - Their Potential Use in Congenital and Intracellular Immunisation of Farm Animals / M. Muller, U. H. Weidle and G. Brem 74. Intracellular Antibodies (Intrabodies): Potential Applications in Transgenic Animal Research and Engineered Resistance to Pathogens / S. D. Jones and W. A. Marasco 75. Improved Wool Production from Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 Targeted to the Wool Follicle in Transgenic Sheep / D. W. Bullock, S. Damak and N. P. Jay 77. Recent Progress in Mammalian Genomics and its Application for the Selection of Candidate Transgenes in Livestock Species / M. Georges 78. To Save or Not to Save: The Role of Repositories in a Period of Rapidly Expanding Development of Genetically Engineered Strains of Mice / J. J. Sharp and L. E. Mobraaten Source.

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