Trent RichardsonConvert Bitmaps to Vectors in Fireworks – Trent Richardson

Just a quick note I thought I’d share since I struggled with this for a while. Converting a bitmap to vector in Fireworks is pretty straight forward(at least in my case). Here’s how Easy as that, I’m sure this doesn’t cover all possibilities and situations, but I’m not graphic designer.. so don’t ask too complicated of questions for me :) Used it to convert my image in FW into a vector, only to discover the site I use doesn’t recognise PNG vectors grr! Anyway, thanks – you are partially to blame for this tshirt now! Thanks for the tip, In previous versions it was in modify >, convert to vector but this is easier. You found me, I'm Trent. I develop practical things for the web, like javascript libraries and plugins. I also love databases so don't talk trash about SQL. Beyond that I post about useful web development stuff here on my blog. Source.

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