Turning a pixel image into a vector image using Adobe Illustrator CS5

If you want to use one of the Fab Lab tools to cut out a picture that is made from pixels (any jpg, png, gif, etc) you'll have ... Most images that you see on a computer are made from pixels, small rectangles that are different colors. If you look really close at your image you can ... This step is really important. Some images work better than others. Photographs don't work that well. There is an easy way to edit a photograph to make it work, ... Start Adobe Illustrator At the top menu bar, go to File, Open, and then choose the file you want to open. Ignore the square behind the face in ... Click on the selection tool (the black arrow) in the top of the left tool bar and then click on your image to select it. You know it ... Click on the small down arrow button next to Live Trace. See the red arrow in the picture above. We are going to have Illustrator trace our image ... Click on the Preview check box so that we can see a preview of our tracing results every time we make a change to the image. Click and drag on the top of the Tracing Options box to move it off our image so that we have a better view. Click the 'Ignore White' check box. This is the trick that we need to do for the Fab Lab machines. When Illustrator traces all the shapes in this ... If you are happy with the way it looks, go to the next step. If you are not happy yet, then try changing the threshold value. The Threshold ... Click on the Color Palette to open the Color Window. Shapes in Illustrator have a 'Fill' and a 'Stroke'. The fill is the area inside the shape and ... In your Color Window make sure the Black box is on top of the White box with the red slash through it. That means that you can select ... We are almost done! Click on the Stroke Select button hiding under the Fill select button. It's the white and gray square with the red slash going through ... Congratulations you can now change any pixel image into a vector image. Save your file! You're done! Ignore the square behind the face in this tutorial. It's just ... Logo vectorization Service on Fiverr: https://www.fiverr.com/swirlvector/vectorize-your-logo-image-graphic?extras=3421244 Thanks for your great & valuable post. It's really awesome. I also attached here an example of raster to vector creation image. I used this instructable to convert this bow tie image to a vector. My next step is to separate the shapes and make an instructables using manipulated vector graphics on how to tie a bow-tie ,) Thanks so much! I've been searching youtube for videos on how to do this with no success and this step by step tutorial is SO easy! A million thanks! Heard about AdBlock? Look for it in Chrome Web Store if you are using Chrome. It's also available for other browsers. Great tool. Helps a lot in dealing with all the banners, ads etc etc. I just finished making an illustration in illustrator, saved a png of it, and then accidentally deleted my ai file. Now I have me vector back. Thank you . It only works on simpler shapes however. Something very detailed or jagged will come out bad in most cases. I found that this one tutorial is quite helpful for beginners. It shows entire process of turning a pixel image into a vector image. If you are looking to know about importance of vector image, mentioned below: In Adobe Illustrator, user can convert raster images into vector images by applying vector element. However, it produces quality output but tedious for entry level users. In this situation, user can contact graphics service provider. To judge reliability & quality, you can place a quote for samples of vector images. To know additional information about vector graphics, read at: Save your time by learning Illustrator and vector conversion process. Just visit www.vectorizeimages.com and get professionally made vector image in all common vector + raster formats. This is a helpful tutorial but usually we aren't able to use the live trace function. In this case we have to use the pen tool to redraw the graphic. I vectorize images, vectors, icons for many buyrers. If anyone need help in making from pixel to vector, go to this link: https://www.fiverr.com/swirlvector I can help you if you need your logo or graphic to be converted into vector format. You can order on this link: http://www.fiverr.com/swirlvector/vectorize-your-logo-image-graphic?funnel=201408221112311465722920 Source.

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