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3D Invigorator is fun and easy to use. This 3D Photoshop plugin creates complex 3D objects using Adobe Illustrator files, primitive 3D objects or live editable fonts. Our training movies will get you quickly started with this Photoshop plugin. Get the 3D Invigorator Quickstart Guide for a step-by-step overview of the plugin. The guide shows how to create a basic project with multiple 3D objects. See what's new in 3D Invigorator 5.0. This tutorial walks you though all the new features in version 5.0 of our 3D creation plugin for Adobe Photoshop. LEVEL: BASIC So what is the difference between working in 3D Invigorator's environment vs. making use of Photoshop's new 3D capabilities? The difference is pretty vast and we explain it all in this video tutorial. LEVEL: BASIC Part 1 of this Photoshop tutorial introduces you to 3D Invigorator. We discuss some of the basics of working in a 3D environment, and go over the Invigorator workspace. LEVEL: BASIC Part 2 of our tutorial talks about the 3D objects themselves. We also discuss using Illustrator files and the plugin's built-in primitive objects. LEVEL: BASIC The final part of this Intro series discusses the Extrude and Bevel Settings in the Object panel. Extrude lets you set the depth of your 3D object. Bevel gives a wide variety of choices for the object's detail, like Woodwork or Art Deco trimmings. LEVEL: BASIC In this tutorial we will go over some of the new features in 3D Invigorator 5.0 including object drawing, material pallets and object list. LEVEL: BASIC This tutorial explores the new ways to create textures and map them to objects. Learn how to wrap a texture around an object using Spherical or Camera View mapping options. LEVEL: BASIC The Object panel lets you choose Bevel Settings that define the shape of the side of your 3D object. The Profile Viewer allows you to see what that bevel looks like. Let's see how! LEVEL: MEDIUM Importing vector shapes from Adobe Illustrator is a great way to quickly get started with 3D Invigorator. This tutorial explains how to prepare your Illustrator files for use in 3D Invigorator. LEVEL: BASIC The Material Editor is your one-stop shop for prettying up that 3D model. 3D Invigorator ships with 100+ premade textures in the Material Swatches palette and many ways to edit and customize them. LEVEL: BASIC 3D Invigorator contains interesting texturing options, as any good 3D system should. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Textures and Bump Maps in the Material Editor. LEVEL: MEDIUM Learn how to create your own materials in 3D Invigorator. Then learn how to create custom texture maps out of those materials. It's all very colorful and fun, so let's get started! LEVEL: MEDIUM Normally it is difficult to preview the 3D Invigorator object you are designing against another layer in your Photoshop file. We teach you an easy workaround using the History palette. LEVEL: MEDIUM To create our Tech Fusion logo, we use all of the 3D Invigorator elements: text characters, imported Illustrator objects, and primitive 3D shapes. LEVEL: BASIC In part two of our logo tutorial, we complete our Tech Fusion logo. Detail work with materials and objects in 3D Invigorator, then finishing touches in Photoshop itself on a Smart Object layer. LEVEL: BASIC Learn how to use Texture Anarchy to generate materials for 3D Invigorator. Texture Anarchy allows you to create amazing procedural textures that look great when applied to 3D objects. LEVEL: BASIC Get new materials for Invigorator 5.0 (they don't work in 4.x) These are cool because you don't need external texture maps. There are 20 great materials and you can download them here. If you purchased 3D Invigorator for Photoshop version 4 or 5 from us, you are eligible for a free upgrade to version 6. Please contact Zaxwerks directly to receive the update. (zaxwerks@zaxwerks.com) Source.

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