A Geographical Information System provides a powerful way to show on a map what is present on the landscape. There are challenges in terms of accuracy, but for a general review of the many features such as roads, streams, zoning, etc. GIS is very powerful. For more accurate detail of parcel boundaries, elevation, etc. a professional survey completed by a Licensed Surveyor would be recommended. GIS is much more powerful than merely a map making tool. Data analysis can be completed quickly and accurately so with good base data, one can compare, query and select various features to answer numerous questions. The results of the answers can be shown visually in tables or maps. The following shapefiles are available to be purchased and must have a GIS Data License Agreement completed. Additional datasets will be available when developed. Please contact Planning Department for purchasing details. ODFW 2009 Winter Range Areas and Critical Winter Range Overlay Zones in Umatilla County. This map shows the new 2009 ODFW Winter Range Areas of Deer and Elk. These areas are NOT designated with the 'Critical Winter Range' Overlay Zone by Umatilla County to date (April 2011). The zoning maps for the County can be viewed by individual tax map. Thus, the tax maps that are already available has the added feature of the various zoning boundaries. One can view the tax maps without zoning by visiting the State of Oregon ORMAP site. Maps are broken out by Township. You will need to know the Township, Range, Section and Tax Lot of the parcel. Select the Township where the subject parcel is located and then select the map that is applicable. Township 6 North Township 5 North Township 4 North Township 3 North Township 2 North Township 1 North Township 1 South Township 2 South Township 3 South Township 4 South Township 5 South Township 6 South Department of Land Use Planning 216 SE 4th ST Pendleton, OR 97801 541-278-6252 planning@umatillacounty.net Source.

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