USA Relief Mountain High Maps, Version 4.0: All US States: Digital Wisdom: 9781883481766: Textbooks: Amazon Canada

Coverage & Organization The collection includes an individual portfolio of maps for each of the 50 states within the entire continental United States and for Alaska and the islands of Hawaii. A portfolio may be sized from 20 Mb to over 200 Mb depending on the physical size of the state. The collection is grouped in contiguous state sets which ship on individual CD-ROM's complete with HTML instructions. Image size Each state map varies in size - at 300 dpi, the base relief image for Indiana measuring 6,000 X 6,000 pixels produces an image 20 by 20 inches, or an umcompressed file size of 108 Mb. As a rule of thumb to calculate the image dimensions, the distance across the state in miles can be multiplied by 16 to give the approximate pixel size, or 1,200 pixels per degree of latitude or longitude - in both cases, multiply the height by the width by 3 to give the file size of the resulting image. For a full specification for each of the 50 state maps, see the detailed state map specification page which shows degree boundaries for each state, number of one degree quads used to make up the map, width and height in pixels and in inches at 300 dpi, and full bitmap image size in megabytes. Remember to double the image size for desktop or exhibition printing at 150 dpi or for screen use in multimedia or web quadruple the image dimensions - this allows small areas to be viewed. Format The 5 relief maps are in high quality JPEG format and the vector overlays are provided in a layered (see layers palette to the right) and editable EPS file format, all delivered on CD-ROM. The vector maps may be edited giving clients the option to change line widths and color, font styles and colors, and allowing the placement of any of the 5 relief maps as the bottom layer. Layers themselves may be switched on or off at will and the sequence may be altered to suit any specific circumstances that you wish to portray. Detailed user instructions using Illustrator and Photoshop are given on this web site and on the USA Relief map CD-ROM. Map Scale The scale of the relief map images at 72 dpi is 1:280,000. At 300 dpi this would be equivalent to approximately 1:1,000,000. The base relief images are generated from 100 meter USGS DEM data presenting exactly one pixel per 100 meter of terrain or 16 pixels per mile. A map printed at 300 dpi would show a scale of 18.75 miles or 30 km per inch, at 200 dpi 12.50 miles or 20 km, at 150 dpi 9.4 miles or 15 km, at 100 dpi 6.25 miles or 10 km, and at 72 dpi this would be show 4.50 miles or 7.20 kilometers per inch. Projection & Map units Geographic projection, each map extends to the next nearest degree line around the state and includes a longitude / latitude grid at 1 interval on its own EPS layer. Applications The grayscale relief map can either be pre-colored or manipulated in Adobe Photoshop or Corel Photo-Paint, or tinted by applying a colored layer in Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia FreeHand or Corel Draw. Use of these maps is not limited to the applications mentioned here, but can be used with any Image Editor, Graphics or Layout software capable of opening or importing JPEG bitmap and EPS vector files. Color and Styles Four color relief map styles shown below are RGB 24 bits per pixel, 300 pixels per inch. The color schemes feature a low contrast (shown in full scale abo Read more Read less Special Offers and Product Promotions Get a CDN $20 Gift Card: Thank you for shopping at Get a CDN $20.00 gift card instantly upon approval for the Rewards Visa Card. Apply now. No Kindle device required. Download one of the Free Kindle apps to start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, and computer. Source. Looking for vector maps of Germany (Deutschland Vektorkarten) for Adobe Illustrator?."

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