The NCAR Command Language (NCL) is a free interpreted language designed specifically for scientific data processing and visualization. NCL has robust file input and output, and can read in particular netcdf files. It can be used to display the Meso-NH output data, and it is an alternate to Diaprog. For more information on NCL, go to You can also find interesting information on the web pages created for the students of the NCL workshops held in Toulouse at CERFACS in October 2012: If it returns no ncl, either you don't have ncl on your machine, or the path variable is not set correctly. Make also sure that the variable NCARG_ROOT is set correctly. . Put both files in the same directory and untar the depts_shape.tar file (it contains 4 files). Edit the file plot_departements.ncl and modify the path of the variable dirname to match the directory where you untar the file depts_shape.tar . Here are some examples of scripts to be used with netcdf4 files generated by the MNH-V5-2 version of Meso-NH for the KTEST 004_Reunion: The U and V winds in MesoNH are not zonal and meridian winds. If you want to plot the wind vector in a projection which is different from the projection of your data, you need first to convert wind into their zonal and meridian components. To do so for level k : ) has been developped by Phillip Scheffknecht to extract variables (3D, 2D vertical and horizontal cross sections) from diachronic .lfi files generated by Meso/NH. The functions are : : to extract vertical cross sections on pseudo model coordinates between two given grid points (bilinear horizontal interpolation, horizontal resolution same as model resolution or slightly higher) Source.

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