USGS AI pack instructions and download link – Scientific Illustrator in the Geology Department’s Blog, University of Otago, New Zealand

Download the USGS AI pack which contains patterns for geological mapping for Adobe illustrator. Instructions for using the pack are written below. I’m using it for my thesis. I switch from Corel into AI because of the swatch. Thank you so much for the AI swatch update! It is missing dunham classifications for people who are doing logs of solely limestone and need to clarify between wackestone/packstone/grainstone/boundstone etc, but overall, this is unbelievably helpful. Thanks a bunch. Luke, you’re a gem for posting these online and keeping the link active. They used to be really hard to find. Any views or opinion represented in this site belong solely to the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the University of Otago. Any view or opinion represented in the comments are personal and are those of the respective commentator/contributor to this site. Source.

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