I use CorelDraw A LOT and I find myself explaining various things over and over in my Instructables. I don’t think I’ll stop that but it might help ... When you first open CorelDraw there may be one or more dialog boxes which you probably want to just close. To create a new document you can do ... Now we need some kind of object. You can use the box tool (F6 and the 7th tool on the left hand tool bar). Or the ellipse tool ... The selection tool is the very first tool in the tool bar on the left (see image). It has a rectangular picker and a freehand picker but most ... Select the object you created. You can now use the fill and outline tools (the “outline pen” is the 15th tool on the left, it looks like a ... Sometimes you want just a straight line to connect to shapes or even just to separate two parts of the drawing. You can use the “straight line connection ... The text tool (11th tool on the left, looks like the letter A) allows you to write text (see image). Once you select the tool some settings appear ... A bitmap is a collection of pixels in a rectangular shape. On your computer it may be a “jpeg” or a “tiff” or a “png” or a “gif” ... If you have an object (perhaps some text or a complex set of shapes you’ve created) you can convert it to a bit map by selecting it and ... Converting bitmaps to objects is a lot more complicated but CorelDraw has a collection of tools which do a pretty good job. You access these tools by right ... Drawings with multiple objects have the objects in a sort of a stack. You can think of this stack as the printing order. Everything prints for “Bottom” to ... I’m sure that there is a lot of stuff I didn’t tell you that you wanted to know. I just wanted to cover a few basic concepts. You ... Source.

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