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I have an application displaying a EPSG:3414 map running on Openlayers - jsfiddle working sample that works. I am trying to implement the same on Leaflet - jsfiddle non-working, it is not working as I may have left out something or may have gotten some concept wrong. I would use firebug in firefox with the example and then look to see if there are error messages in the console. Also I would try it on a straight web page before I put it in JS Fiddle. Just one less thing that might be interfering. the map X-Y does not start at 0/0, they are some other numbers, so it is getting more complicated, I have to do some magic number offset for each level, this works somewhat but is not ideal as the locations are not accurate, close but not accurate enough. '+proj=tmerc +lat_0=1.366666666666667 +lon_0=103.8333333333333 +k=1 +x_0=28001.642 +y_0=38744.572 +ellps=WGS84 +units=m +no_defs' i have an application displaying a epsg3414 map running on openlayers jsfiddle working sample that works i am trying to implement the same on leaflet jsfiddle nonworking it is not working as i may have left out something or may have gotten s... ive been trying to embed a custom map of which the tiles are hosted on my local server and is rendered by leafletjs however im having some difficulty in displaying the map on my html page here is the screenshot this is a supposed picture of my ... consider the link httpjsfiddlenet5d5ed18 in this link how to set a equirectangular projection like this httpblocksorgmbostock3757119 as background or can i use an image of map in css background the background should be limited only to the cha... i am creating an iphone app for os40 and i am attempting to integrate a custom map with a standard mkmapview i have been provided a map in eps format vector image and i want to somehow overlay this on an mkmapview in and restrict the scrollin... do my tiles need to adhere to any particular specsi have a large image file which id like to turn into a map with leafletjs i am going to be using the python imaging library to cut it up into all the various tiles i need however i cant find any infor... ive been trying without luck to create a custom map app for android im using java not javascript and the google map api v2 im not sure what i want to do is possible or reasonable so far i get close to what looks like it might work but always ou... im trying to create 3 different projections for the easegrid projection httpnsidcorgdataeaseeasegridhtmlnhmap northern hemisphere azimuthal equalarea projection southern hemisphere azimuthal equalarea projection and global cylindrical equalare... i have a map with a custom projection for mapsyandexru tiles and default projection google and osm tiles when i add kmllayer to map in the default projection it seems ok but switching map to mapsyandex layer in custom projection and kmlobject... hi allexception send port in esb21 toolkit uses following map microsoftpracticesesbexceptionhandlingmapsfaultmessagetoexceptionsql i have created another send port with same pipeline but i want to use my own map rather than default one when i put fu... i am using apache cassandra 12 and apache mapreduce to crunch some data at the moment i use cqlpaginginputformat from orgapachecassandrahadoopcql3 this provider uses thrift to pull data it seems that thrift is fairly slow 300m records in a 3 ... i have autocaddwg file we need to use that as a maplike google map and place some static objects on that map and move some markers on top of it using java only i am new to it please give a kickoff how to start with it using java ... i am very new to objectivec so the task seems typical for me i am plotting a custom map of rectangular blocks and also need to draw an interactive route between two given blocks all the thing is fine but the problem is that the route drawn us... so ive been working on an app that displays a custom map in android im using google maps android api v2 and have so far been unsuccessful i used the following code snippet to display my map in the google maps api tileprovider tileprovider n... ive a struct as follows struct tmytoy uint32t id float data i would like to define a custom map my first implementation was typedef stdmapltuint32t tmytoygt tmytoymap is it correct to use instead of tmytoy a smart pointer or a ref... hi i am doing a project on integration of google map v30 i finished the integration i am happy with the output the problem is i was trying to change the red marker to custom marker i have saved a marker in my solution and was trying with this... i am attempting to use mapkit to create a custom map similar to this concept httpmapwowcom using an image instead of the google maps image this is so we can include the gps functionality and the pins functionality i have looked in the documen... Source.

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