UWF GIS Online Blog: Geographic Information Systems Student Spotlight

Students utilized design skills learned in the previous lab to created three different maps showing Mexico population by state, Central Mexico transportation, and Mexico's Topography. Rena's journey into cartography started years ago(post-Columbus, pre-AutoCAD), back when topo maps were still drawn by hand. She has a bachelor's degree in Land Surveying and worked for several years in surveying and construction for private companies and the National Park Service. She then took a break from that work to become a mom and a teacher. Ten years ago, she resumed surveying in the summers for the Bureau of Land Management in Montana, working mainly with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and on projects such as mining claims, river surveys, and dinosaur digs. Rena's past exposure to GIS was mainly as a resource for her surveying needs. Not she is looking forward to being on the creation side of GIS and hopes that completion of this program will lead to more exciting opportunities in the future. Congratulations on making the spotlight, Rena! Rena really owned her map this week. She made excellent design, color, and title choices. Also, her inset maps contained meaningful titles and appropriately sized scales. All of the information was very well presented. Her blog caption and A+ Process Summary also showed us she really understood the tools and techniques of this lab. Keep up the good work, Rena! Source.

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