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I am here to discuss the re-designing of a company’s exiting logo which was designed years back when the company started. I am here to talk about evolution of “LOGO DESIGN” with the new trends. First and foremost, the logo is a very important part of company’s identity (I am not going to dig into the logo design importance in this article, rather I want to focus on the idea of re-designing of a company’s old logo). Imagine, a company started more than 4 decades ago with a mission to deliver packages from one place to another in a fancy box tied with strings around it and they showed the same idea in their logo design to clearly represent about what they do. You probably have gotten the idea about the company I am talking about. Yes, I am talking about UPS. Its old logo was designed by Paul Rand back in 1961. It was the time when they used strings to tie the box. But, now when the packaging style is totally changed, no strings are used to tie the package, and most of all UPS expanded its services. Now UPS doesn’t only deliver packages, but it deals in other global transportation services, business solutions to ship your product right at the customer’s doorstep, and other related services. Therefore, they needed a new logo which not only focuses on ONE idea but rather cater to wide range of services offered by the company and to appeal to mindset of the info-tech generation. Read More.. Have you ever received something that you didn’t want? We all have, but when it comes to a logo, something that is to represent the heart and soul of your business identity, no one wants to be left shortchanged and have to “settle” on something less than they were hoping for. For years, customers have shared their regrettable tales with us that they have experienced in dealing with other designers. The good news is that you don’t have to be one of those people – you can have a happy ending to your logo project! Read More.. Flash Templates Free Web Templates FREE professional web templates Website templates Free Web Templates Graphic Design Tutorial Guide Flash Templates Flash Templates and Web Templates Advertise | Submissions | Privacy Policy All the contents and articles within this website are property of their respective authors and are submitted to us by them, we do not held any liability for the material including text and graphics submitted by them. © Copyright 2006-07. All rights reserved. Source.

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