Vector Art – Raster to Vector logo conversion service, vector clipart and illustration Drawings

Vector Conversion service of Litch Technologies is now launched as Cherry Graphics, a fully graphics artwork conversion service Company. Please visit us : for more details of our artwork service. We provide high quality vector images that are hand drawn by our artists. You can have your raster images/logo converted to high quality image using our logo conversion service. We can draw custom vector illustration according to your needs, either it be for your marketing need or it can be cartoon or fashion illustration. We can also make your company logo in vector format. So that you can use this vector logo in your any of the company stationary and in any size ! We also convert raster map to Vector. We draw custom vector graphics for decals. We also design custom vector clip art for your printing needs. We don not use any automatic software for raster to vector conversion. We provide vector arts hand drawn by our graphic artists, which gives perfect result than any automatic software. In Vector graphics points, curves, lines, polygons etc are used to represent the complete image. While in raster the image representation is totally different. In Raster format, the image is represented by pixels. One of the main advantage of using vector image is scalable. Vector image can be scaled to any extend without loss of its resolution. while raster or bitmap images scales poorly. Second advantage of vector image is flexibility in editing. You can edit any part or property of the vector image , like color, angle, width etc without degradation of image quality. Vector graphic is also good for color separation in case of screen printing. Anybody having logo in bitmap format and want to have it converted in vector can use our service. If you don't have your logo and want to design directly in vector format, we can also do that. Any printing industry requires the artwork to be printed in vector form. So that it can be scaled without any distortion of the image. We can provide high quality, timely delivery of vector art for regularly needs of artwork conversion. Please click here to see our samples and conversion rates. Source.

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Last Modified: April 19, 2016 @ 12:08 am