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Inkscape is one of my favorite applications. It's very powerful, and keeps adding great new features with each release. I've used it for logo design, web design, engineering diagrams, business card design, you name it. If you need to draw vector-based illustrations, this is your top choice. This is one of the best vector editors ever. It's packed with all the features you may need, including professional-grade text manipulation tools, masking, blur and lots of other effects, even perspective transform via extension. Also has a compact yet detailed manual for beginners. The only problem about it is poor CMYK support, so if you design a print, it's better to use sK1. It's not available in the software center yet, but you can get Ubuntu packages of it at La référence pour moi en terme de création de dessins vectoriels. La dernière étoile sera quand le logiciel aura de meilleurs performances. Каждый день нахожу новые возможности,решения в этой программе. Если у вас что не получается или не знаете как сделать и из-за этого думаете что CS Illustrator лучше, то вы торопитесь с выводом! Great and powerful program. I am not very skilled with it but every time I use it I learn something new and it does everything I need. Habiendo probado Corel Draw X3 e inkscape, me quedo con inkscape: Es más sencillo, ligero, da permite degradados en transparencia, además de efectos clásicos mediante filtros, y lo más importante: utiliza un formato tan libre, bien documentado y altamente compatible como es el SVG (gráficos vectoriales escalables), un estándar amparado por la W3C. Great and powerfull vector graphics program. It reminds a lot of corel draw. Definitly a good choice. Source.

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