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The vectors always cut from bottom to top of the Object Manager list for me (Epilog Mini-24, Corel X3). This is assuming that you don't set different colors for different vectors on the advanced tab of the driver. pick-tool click on the upper right square and press SHIFT - PAGE DOWN to force it to the bottom of the z-order, then run it. See if that changes anything. Just make that one change so you know if anything happens. EDIT... ignore that, as I don't have the same options as you. I just have a 24TT so my driver is different. It might have to do with the Top To Bottom or whatever that setting is called. Maybe disable all those extras to leave as much control with Corel as possible. The creation order IS bottom to top in the object manager. But Epilog is wrong in that if you rearrange the objects in the Object Manager it does laser according to the order in that list, not the original creation order. I lasered your drawing and it did it just as I would expect. It started with the leftmost square, at the upper left of the checkmark and worked it's way down and to the right until it hit the knee of the checkmark, and then worked it's way up the right leg toward the upper right. Same as the order of the squares in the object manager, from bottom to top. I also grabbed one of the squares in the middle of the right arm of the checkmark and dragged it to the bottom of the list in the Object Manager. Then I lasered it again. This time it lasered that square first, then continued by moving to the upper left corner of the checkmark and as before it moved down and to the right, and then up and to the right after getting to the knee at the bottom. (skipping over the one I had moved, and which it had lasered first) Glad to help. It certainly sounds like something is trying to optimize the output sorting in your system. I assume you are using something other than X3, since after the test I saved the modified file and it said it was updating it to X3 format. I just use color ordering. It works every time, is easy to make changes and you can easily see how you have it set up. Bill Source.

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