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You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Defining your project for the readers is going to be, for you, the best way to get a properly informed opinion! Adobe Illustrator is a very powerful piece of software and is considered by many to be the superior product. It's hard to start assigning its features to your tasks however, because I do not know what you hope to accomplish. If you are unsure if it is vector drawing that you require or if you would prefer to avoid spending any money, I would first look at Inkscape and see if it does what you need it to.If you require precise numerical control over your lines I would use AutoCAD's Map 3D. Granted this is an expensive alternative, but consider it an investment in your own future . . . . . Above all AutoCAD will give you precision and control. In terms of presentation viewports will make many of your tasks much more manageable.I'm kind of curious what you mean by 'Previously i have used powerpoint 2007 which basically did the job' because it's sort of unfathomable that you were generating maps for a degree program using Powerpoint alone??? Yeah ive been playing around with it and its pretty much exactly what i needed. The only thing that held me back from getting the free trial for corel draw was that it only lasted 30 days and i would rather not be put under the added pressure of completing it in that time. My friend who used corel draw said that he had trouble creating the symbols i outlined in my previous post as the pre-set arrows etc were not quite right. any ideas on how to create custom arrows etc?Cheers Sorry about the slow reply, the inkscape arrows annoy me a bit, I normally draw a symmetric triangle, fill it and remove the boarder, leaving a nice pointed arrow head. Source.

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