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Hi I need an printable administration map of a country. I would like to use it in Corel Draw for some colour manipulations and poster printing. I have found the map on but it is in shp format. You may want to use GDAL, it is available for various platforms. If you are on Windows, OSGeo4W is your best bet. You will notice that it has a sub project called OGR that supports translating between various vector formats. The command line executable that you are looking for is ogr2ogr. Have you thought of using the software from the Diva site where you are getting the data? It's free. I've never used it, but the price point is certinaly nice. Any GIS (Qgis, ESRI, Manifold, etc.) software should be able to use shp format and plot to some type of vector result. I don't know your background, so apologies if I'm preatching to the choir... Note that the shp data is not a 'map' (as you stated in the OP) but rather a data file that when incorporated with other datasets can be part of an overall map layout/product. As mentioned above the shapefile is just data. Assuming you have access to some sort of GIS software you can use the shapefile to create your map. From there all software suites I know of have the ability to export the map to a image format of choice. QGIS is free software, where you can add your shapefile, create your map, and simply click File >, Save As Image. Check it out here: Source.

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