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Converting an artwork file to a vector file is a specialized process that takes a lot of tedious time.In order to create a vector file, the artist must use a vector file software, and then redraw the original artwork in that software. Also, when you create a vector file, specific steps must be taken depending on the implementation of the final vector file. For example, when using the final vector file for screen printing, the vector file must be ready to separate colors by limiting the number of colors in the vector file. Why waste your valuable time doing this work, or paying a lot of money for a graphic designer to do it? Use your time organizing your business and put your designer to work creating new vector file art. Have us do the recreation into vector file, and your artists doing more creative vector file work. Send your raster images to where we convert your artwork file to vector file for a fraction of what it would cost you or your designer to do it. Here at Copyartwork, we can create a vector file for as low as $14, and most jobs are! Having us make vector file version of a piece of artwork that is already done can save you time and money. For these reasons, our vector file conversion service has many valuable uses. Have us convert artwork to a vector file to save money, time, and headaches! Vector file conversion is not something you want to have disturbing your work flow. For all vector file work, contact Copyartwork! was developed with your business in mind. We have worked in the Screenprinting, Graphic, Embroidery and Vinyl Industries for over 10 years. We bring that experience to help your business expand. At we can do your job at a fraction of the cost of a full time vector graphics designer or a digitizer for your vector artwork services. Not familiar with vectorizing, digitizing or vector file / vector images? No problem! Our FAQ page and easy to understand Tutorials can help break down some of the confusion and show you the basics of recreating vector art. Not sure where to start on your vector art or vector graphics including vector photographs, how to upload or do you have a question that is not in our FAQ page? No Problem. Our customer service line is open Monday thru Friday, 7am to 5pm PST ready to answer your vector art questions and help you with anything you may need about artwork conversion. Please also visit our Testimonial page, where you can let us know what you think of our site, our vector service, our vector art services such as raster to vector or convert to vector, vectorize in illustrator, vectorize logo, convert bitmap to vector, convert jpeg to vector, vector graphics services and anything else. All testimonies will be reviewed and carefully noted. We want to make sure all our customers are satified with our vector art, and if not, we want to fix any problem there may be, so let us know! For more information on our services, visit our InfoGraphics Page. Digitizing Services: Source.

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